Energy Healing

Free yourself & reconnect to your inner power

Free Monthly Group Healing Sessions

on 12th of Each Month

If you are curious about energy healing but do not know where to start, you can try a remote group healing session, which is very gentle. You get a “shower” of light and love whereas at the same time an opportunity to shift the unwanted old energies away.

Individual Energy Healing Sessions

Energy Healing Sessions Help

  • Overcome emotional blockages and traumas
  • Get rid of stress, addictions or eating disorders
  • Alleviate skin issues or allergies
  • Improve your intimate life
  • Hack your sleep
  • Gain energy and vitality
  • Explore deeply who you are
  • Connect with your Soul
Energy Healing
Energy Healing

How does it work?

I offer different types of intuitive energy healing and do what is best suited to your personal needs at that time.

My aim is to guide you towards your inner abilities of healing and get you involved in the healing process as much as you want to be.

We first discuss your needs by telephone and I suggest a bespoke session.

Every session is totally unique and crafted to your needs and can combine a few modalities, including working with Bach flower remedies or tappings/EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique created by Gary Craig).


  • A healing session to cleanse and restore balance at all levels (physical, emotional, emotional and spiritual), with realignment and chakra cleansing and activating.
  • This session is held remotely with no need for physical connection
  • We chat about your issues by phone before the appointment
  • I give you vocal feedback after the session

£60 for a 60 min session


  • A shamanic healing session for more in-depth work
  • This session includes grounding, cleansing & then a healing shamanic journey (soul recovery, cord-cutting….)
  • Held remotely with or without a Zoom connection
  • We discuss your issues beforehand
  • You get vocal feedback

£70 for a 90 min session


  • A package of 3 bespoke sessions held
    every 4 weeks
  • A mix of healing, shamanic work, EFT, and Bach flowers….One personalised bottle of Bach Flowers per session
  • Zoom sessions, tailored to your needs

£180 for a package of 3 sessions
of 90 min

Free Monthly Group Healing Sessions

on 12th of Each Month

How does it work?

We are all part of the same Universe and all connected to each other and to our environment.

By channelling powerful energies, I support you to heal yourself, by bringing the energies you most need to your energy field.

By opening your heart and being in a receiving state, you open yourself to the possibility of healing. You are your own healer.

Energy Healing
Energy Healing

What do I do?

I connect to all the people who registered for the healing and channel the most appropriate energies for each of them. I always start by grounding the group energies and bringing love and light to our energy fields.  

There is generally a common theme, but each person receives what they most need at that time. I work from an open heart, in the respect of the free will of each of you, and only with the highest energies of Light, and the Nature Spirits. I finish by a gratitude closing time. It generally lasts 30 to 40 minutes. The day after the session you receive an email with the theme and the main highlights of the healing.

What do you need to do?

You need to be registered for this particular session to benefit from the healing. It is performed remotely, on the 12th of each month.

The healing is more powerful if you put a strong intention to benefit from it, and if you take some time during that day to meditate or sit in silence, focusing on your breath. Time doesn’t matter, you can connect at any time in the day.

At the very least, have the intention to benefit from it and connect in thoughts at some point during the day.

Energy Healing
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