Most of my clients come to me via word-of-mouth and here is what they say…

Space Clearing Testimonials

“Amélie did an energetic clearing of my house in Montreal shortly after I moved in with my family. I could clearly feel a difference after her intervention. The house seemed freed up from the energies that previously inhabited it, as well as from “presences” I was feeling around me. Our sleep quality and wellbeing improved. We felt more “at home”, ready to fill the place with our own positive energy.”

Solenne G

Montréal, Canada

“Amélie did a wonderful and interesting Clearance on my barn. As it happened the energy was already good, however, Amélie enhanced it a good deal more. On top of this, she tuned in well to the place, and gave me some interesting psychic information. It was all topped off with Amélie turning some cards for me. It was great. I can highly recommend Amélie. She is confident, and very genuine.”
Roger W

Tavistock, UK

“Despite turning the bed in different positions, I knew that something was wrong in our bedroom in Flims (Switzerland) given that no one was able to sleep well in that room. Even our visitors and friends were spending sleepless nights there.
Last summer, having talked to Amélie, she helped me to get rid of the “lost soul” that was disturbing us. The impact on our flat was immediate. The ghost had disappeared. No sleep nuisance. From that moment on, we slept well again. Amélie has an amazing and powerful gift. Thank you for sharing it with us!”

Flora M


“These are the changes I have noticed since the house clearing done by Amélie:

The single biggest difference I have noticed is in the quality of my sleep. Every single night since the clearing I have slept through the entire night, fallen asleep soon after lying down, and woken refreshed and well rested in the morning – none of which were true before the clearing. This is the most amazing change for me, and actually quite life changing.

The house feels more peaceful and gentle.

Feeling a little bit less stuck – something that’s quite a strong theme in my life.”

Michael K

London, UK

Since we had moved to our new house, my children refused to stay in one of the rooms. For no apparent reason, they did not feel comfortable in it. So I asked Amélie to « inspect » and clarify the space if necessary. Since then, not only are the children pleased to go to this room, but they can also play for hours inside it!
Hélène L

La Réunion

“You are lucky to have found Amélie’s website. She is the real deal. I highly recommend her. She has done wonders to our house after cleansing it of all bad energy. We instantly felt the difference.
Since experiencing her amazing work myself I recommended my client to her and after she worked with him, it has completely transformed his life.”

London, UK

Energy Healing Testimonials

” I was totally sceptical regarding this sort of healing but I have to say that in one remote session of healing, the nightmares which I had since more than 40 years stopped overnight. Thank you Amelie for this, I sleep much better since! My life is now more peaceful and my wellbeing increased.”
Yves A


“I was going through a very tough series of life events and was feeling totally devastated. Amélie got rid of all my anxieties and I have now full confidence in my future. Thank you so much for the serenity I feel now. I am very lucky to have benefited from her gift!”
Christine M


Bach Flower Testimonials

“Amélie has an amazing style about her, she was calm and probing me to go into more detail. She got a lot out of me and it felt like a therapy session after which I felt safe and relieved. After a month I can confidently say that I became more balanced. It’s also part of my routine now, just like brushing my teeth – I was aware of taking the flower elixirs and also held strong belief that they would do me good and improve my emotional wellbeing.”


“Amélie took very good care of me and it was a pleasure to meet with her. She listened so carefully on each occasion and came up with a beautiful remedy that I enjoyed taking every time. The whole process was very special and I would recommend anyone to meet with her.”


“Thanks so much for what you’ve done, you’ve certainly helped me become more conscious of certain feelings, and the flowers I feel have balanced the extremes.”


“I would highly recommend Bach flowers to everyone, they are truly amazing! Amélie has a very calming presence and I felt at ease to open up during our first session. She recommended different flowers based on my emotional needs and if I wanted to change or add any extra in, she was happy to do so. I used the remedy as directed, under the tongue four times a day and within the first few days of taking them I experienced what felt like an out of body energetic shift whilst I was going to sleep, I felt at peace! The next morning I felt a lot lighter, calmer and in control of my feelings. I love that it’s a natural remedy that softly helps you to manage your emotions. I have noticed a positive change in myself and I look forward to continuing my sessions with Amélie.”


“I had been carrying my childhood trauma after losing my mother. Seven years ago I suddenly lost my father who was not only my dad, friend, adviser and confidant. Emotionally I felt more insecure and found it difficult to be detached from my childhood memories.
It was such a pleasure to be able to have several healing sessions with Amélie. Since the first day, carrying the potion home with me, I felt happy, light on my shoulders and free. I cannot find any words to describe that feeling. Now I feel stronger in coping with my emotions and no longer searching to visualise my parents during my meditation. I am so glad to know you, and I thank you for the experience.
You are a light in the world, and you have got a special place in my heart.”