Space Clearing

Bring peace and harmony to your home and your life

Do you need Space Clearing?

  • Difficulties sleeping in a certain room or since you moved house?
  • A child having night terrors?
  • A feeling that somebody is in your house but you don’t see anyone?
  • A tendency to clutter?
  • Feeling overwhelmed with a lack of clarity? Lacking energy and feeling drained?
  • Are you caught in repetitive behavioural patterns or feeling stuck in your life? Are you not feeling truly “at home”?
  • Do you have worsening health issues since moving in your current place?
  • Your house is not selling on the market?

Then Space clearing can help you!

Space clearing is cleansing the negative energies in your home and
nourishing it with positive energy for your increased well being.

How energetically clean is your house?

When you move house, do you live among old furniture of the previous occupants? No, you bring your own furniture, you do a deep cleaning, you may even repaint walls, change a few things to feel more “at home” and make the space truly your own. However, at the energetic level, if we do not cleanse it, the old energetic imprints of the previous occupants (which could in some places be counted in dozens!) stay…. And very often it impacts our life negatively without us even knowing! These space memories impact both humans and pets…. For example, if you just move in a place after an alcoholic lived there for years, you may start drinking more…. Some flats are sadly known as “divorce flats” as couples moving in get divorced while living there…. It is possible to stop old patterns repeating themselves! That’s why space clearing is so important….

Your house can drain or energise you

We are all connected to our environment, which is both an amazing and powerful thing and sometimes less so – think how you feel if you take the tube in rush hour, when people around you are not exactly full of joy and happiness! In the same way, when the energy in our house is low and negative, it drains our energy. It means that everyday, a part of your own life energy will be used to just stay at your normal energy level. Whereas it could be used in many creative and productive ways if our house was full of good vibes!

Space clearing will remove the negative energies in your space, and bring light, love, peace and harmony to improve your wellbeing.

We can’t sleep above running water!

Did you know that if your bed is placed above an underground water stream, you most likely won’t sleep well? Our bodies are impacted – both positively and negatively – by the Earth’s geomagnetic field, underground water, and other natural phenomena occurring spontaneously in nature. All the surface of the Earth is made of telluric energy grids which affect all forms of life (humans, animals and plants). In the very old days, humans were naturally attuned to these but this connection has sadly been lost today. However our bodies are still very sensitive to it. Hence our sleep and health can be affected by it. When I perform a space clearing, I always check for geopathic stress and remedy it if it has a negative impact.

How to embark on a space clearing?

First we thoroughly discuss your issues. I need your postal address and the floorplan of the property. I can then connect to your house remotely – always with your permission- and establish a free diagnosis of the level of energy and the nature of the issues if any. I also do a geopathic stress assessment. Once we agree on a price and a date, I perform the clearing remotely. It usually takes a few hours, and it is better if the property is empty (including pets!). In case it is not possible we can discuss an arrangement. I sometimes work on the space in the following days to do some adjustments and fine tuning.

Space clearing is similar to the wind: invisible but creating movement.

 Energtetic Home harmonisation

  • Deep space clearing and cleansing of the space
  • Geopathic stress assessment and geomancy remedies
  • Energetic harmonisation, nourishing the space with ad-hoc energies
  • Energetic work on the electric and technology grids
  • Follow-up, feedback and tips

From £290 –
depending on the size of the property

Connect to your house energetically

  • One-hour live video call
  • Active guided meditation
  • You ask questions and receive messages from your house
  • Discover your home on an energetic level
  • Receive feng shui tips
  • Feel the energy of different rooms

    £60 for an hour video call

    Energy healing

      • One energetic healing session per member of the household around the time of the space clearing
      • Our home has an energetic impact on us but the other way round is true as well! 
      • By cleansing your aura and re-balancing your chakras, this simple yet powerful energy healing  makes sure your energy is “cleansed” and harmonized with your home

       Special offer: £50 per member of the household 

      Get a free quote

      I need to establish a free diagnosis of the property to give you a firm quote. Prices vary depending on the nature of the work, the size of the property and the number of issues. I always do space clearing alongside the work on geomancy/geopathic stress as it reinforces the impact of the cleansing. I offer paiement plans or discounts if really needed. Contact me to get the diagnosis for your house – It’s free!