Soul Work

Supporting Souls to come on Earth & ascend


Soul Welcoming Ceremony
This is an intuitive shamanic ceremony to welcome the Soul of a newborn on our planet. It gently helps the baby feel welcomed on Earth and by his family, especially after a difficult birth. I may get a message from the baby’s soul for his family, but not always. I like to do it within the first 40 days of life but of course there is no time limit, and it can be performed anytime…. This could be an unusual gift for a newborn!

In case of traumatic birth this can be done a few months or even years after the birth and combined with a gentle energy healing or a Bach flower remedies session.

Fees: £22 for a Soul Welcoming ceremony. Performed remotely anywhere in the world. I need the full name and a picture of the baby, as well as the date and place of birth.

Soul Passage

Helping the deceased to ascend
Do you have disturbed sleep or a feeling of a “presence” in your house? Do your children have night terrors? Are they scared to go into specific rooms with no apparent reason?

It may be that you are sensitive to the presence of dead people’s souls still lingering in our dimension. Children are generally more sensitive to that than adults. Commonly named ghosts, these presences may be more scared than you are! I can gently guide them to go to the Light, to the dimension that is best suited for them, so that their Soul goes back to the Source – or whatever your beliefs are (I don’t pretend I know much about afterlife!).

As part of a Space Clearing session, I always check for any presences and make them ascend whenever it feels it is the right thing to do. If you do not want to have a full space clearing done but suspect a soul passage could be enough to help you and your family sleeping better and feeling more comfortable in your house, I can check if this could be the case and do that for you.

Fees: £30 for a Soul Passage. Performed remotely anywhere in the world.