Psychic therapy

for you & and your home

I help you transmute your emotional blockages through psychic therapy  (Communication Quantique®) or through a symbolic reading and an energetic harmonisation of your house. 

House therapy


Space clearing

Bring peace and harmony in your home and your life

If you have some sleep issues, feel stuck in your life, do not feel totally comfortable in your house…or If you are going through a life changing event, why not have a space clearing done? Space clearing is cleansing the negative energies in your home and nourishing it with positive energy. Living in a vibrant environment helps create opportunities in your life.

Energy healing

Free yourself and reconnect to your inner power

This is for you if you are ready to overcome emotional blockages to create new opportunities in your life.

My bespoke healing sessions are a mix of intuitive shamanic work, chakras healing, working with flower elixirs and Nature spirits….

You get the best of my toolkit suited to your needs!

Bach flower remedies

A natural way to increase your wellbeing

Bach flower remedies are natural and safe flower elixirs for the whole family.

They address emotional issues (anxiety, stress, insomnia, fears, trauma, bereavement…).

They also increase your wellbeing, by giving you more energy, courage, self-confidence, joy… and so much more!

Soul work

Supporting Souls to come to Earth and ascend

Looking for an unusual gift for a newborn? Look no further…. I celebrate Newborn Soul Welcoming ceremonies!
Sleep issues in a specific bedroom, children’s night terrors, an uneasy feeling of a “presence” in your house…. I can help restore peace and harmony by celebrating a soul passage to the Light for the deceased that could be disruptive in your life.


Space Clearing
“Every single night since the house clearing I have slept through the entire night, fallen asleep soon after lying down, and woken refreshed and well-rested in the morning – none of which were true before the clearing. This is the most amazing change for me, and actually quite life-changing.”
Michael K (London, UK)

House Clearing

Bach Flowers
“Thanks so much for what you’ve done, you’ve certainly helped me become more conscious of certain feelings, and the flowers I feel have balanced the extremes.”


London, UK

Bach Flowers
“It was such a pleasure to be able to have several healing sessions with Amélie. Since the first day, I felt happy, light on my shoulders and free. I cannot find any words to describe that feeling. Now I feel stronger in coping with my emotions.”

London, UK

Space Clearing
“You are lucky to have found Amélie’s website. She is the real deal. I highly recommend her. She has done wonders to our house after cleansing it of all bad energy. We instantly felt the difference.”

London, UK

Space Clearing
“Since we had moved to our new house, my children refused to stay in one of the rooms. For no apparent reason, they did not feel comfortable in it. So I asked Amélie to « inspect » and clarify the space if necessary. Since then, not only are the children pleased to go to this room, but they can also play for hours inside it! “

Hélène L

La Réunion

Space Clearing
“I can highly recommend Amélie.
She is confident and very genuine.”
Roger W

Tavistock, UK